What is the Difference between Football And American Football

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Are you puzzled by the terms ‘football’ and ‘American football’? You’re not alone!

Many people wonder about what makes these two sports different.

We are here to help clear up the confusion.

Quick Overview of Football

Football, often called ‘soccer’ in some countries, is a global sport.

It is loved by millions and played worldwide.

Two teams play with a round ball.

The main goal? Score by getting the ball into the opponent’s net. No hands allowed!

Quick Overview of American Football

American football is a contact sport.

It’s mainly popular in the United States.

Players can carry the ball in their hands.

Scoring can happen in many ways, like touchdowns.

The Ball

Difference in the ball is a big deal.

Football (Soccer) American Football
Round shape Oval shape
Used with feet Carried, thrown, kicked
Smooth surface Laces for grip

Playing Field

Football fields and American football fields are different.

  • Football is played on a rectangular field called a pitch.
  • American football is played on a field with a distinct end zone.

Number of Players

Both sports have different number of players on the field.

  • Football: 11 players per team
  • American Football: 11 offensive or defensive players

Game Duration

Each game has its own time rules.

  • Football: 90 minutes total, split into two halves.
  • American Football: 60 minutes total, split into four quarters.
What is the Difference between Football And American Football

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The ways to score points are very different.

Football (Soccer) American Football
Goal: 1 point Touchdown: 6 points
Field goal: 3 points
Extra point: 1 or 2 points
Safety: 2 points
What is the Difference between Football And American Football

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Playing Style

Playing style is a tell-tale difference.

  • Football is continuous with few breaks.
  • American football is more stop-and-start.
  • Strategies also differ vastly.

Popularity and Influence

Each sport holds different levels of popularity around the globe.

  • Football is popular in almost every country.
  • American football is mainly popular in the U.S.

Frequently Asked Questions For What Is The Difference Between Football And American Football

What Differentiates Football From American Football?

American football involves downs and forward passes, while (association) football, globally known as soccer, focuses on continuous play and goals scored primarily by foot.

How Are Football And American Football Played?

Football is played by kicking a ball into a goal, whereas American football combines running with the ball and passing it to teammates to reach the opposing end zone.

What Equipment Is Unique To American Football?

American football requires helmets, shoulder pads, and other protective gear, unlike football, which typically only necessitates shin guards and cleats.

How Long Are Football And American Football Games?

A standard football match lasts 90 minutes, while an American football game has four 15-minute quarters, not including stoppages and halftime.

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